The University of Arizona Wraps Up Summer Program

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A collaboration with the U of A College of Nursing created opportunities for Elders to Buddy Up with students. The Arizona Nursing Inclusive Excellence (ANIE) Program provided iPads for Zoom chats with our Elders during June and July. This was the first Zoom experience for all of the Elders. Student surveys gave the program high praise.

“It allowed me to think about answers to ask and gain a lot more experience in a patent care setting.”

“It was truly amazing!” 

“I did not understand how rich older people’s lives were. It made me interested to talk with my grandparents about their history.”

For the Elders, they report it was comforting to have an outside friend now. They were proud to have contributed to the education of the students. Students created personalized gifts for everyone. All involved strongly agreed they would participate in future intergenerational programs.