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St. Luke’s has served a range of populations-in-need since 1917. As a means of honoring that tradition, the 100th Anniversary Committee has commissioned a new book to capture the vibrant history of St. Luke’s. We need your help to ensure the book’s author, Dave Devine, has access to as much historical information as possible.  Devine has already done extensive research through both the Arizona Historical Society and the archives of the Arizona Daily Star.

What We Need:  Photographs, letters, information, memories or stories about someone who lived, worked or volunteered at St. Luke’s, which might include:

A cherished memory about a loved one who, at St. Luke’s, finally found a beautiful and safe place to live. Did you or a loved one work with St. Luke’s in one of its many forms, which have included a tuberculosis sanatorium and a chest disease clinic? Have you volunteered for any types of service at St. Luke’s over the years? Did you or your family members have any interaction with St. Luke’s? Were your grandparents or great-grandparents treated at the TB or chest disease clinic?

We are especially in need of all of this information for the years 1950-1980.  We need the information as soon as possible or no later than June 15th!

How to Send:

Send Information via email to: 

Mail or in-person drop off:  615 E. Adams Street, Tucson, AZ 85705

Via phone:  Mary Greene at 940-7792 or Jere Voigt at 299-0955