SAHBA Orchestrates St. Luke’s Beautification

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When David Godlewski, president of the Southern Arizona Home Builders, first read about St. Luke’s 100-year celebrations, he scheduled a visit to St. Luke’s and asked CEO L’Don Sawyer, “How can I help?”

A brief tour of St. Luke’s quickly revealed the need for rejuvenation of the iron work and steel structures in front of St. Luke’s, including in the East Courtyard where the kick-off event was held. Godlewski gathered several of his members including AB LeCocq Construction and the Home Builders Institute (HBI), which brought in a group of students to do the prepping. Dunn-Edwards donated all of the paint required. (Pictured above are John Gallagher of HBI in green and Octavio Mendivils of AB LeCocq Construction).

As Godlewski said, “We are honored to have played a small role in St. Luke’s 100-year celebration. St. Luke’s is a wonderful association that helps many, many people every year. It was a natural fit for SAHBA – The Community Builder – to partner with St. Luke’s on this project. We wish L’Don, the Board and the entire organization all the best as it begins its 101st year of service.”