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As an Elder in the St. Luke’s community, choice is part of daily living. Elders, all of whom pay some portion for being part of the St. Luke’s community, are free to come and go as needed. Activities and entertainment are scheduled each day for those who want to participate. And Elders are encouraged to be more involved in decision-making at St. Luke’s. Options include volunteering to be part of the Elder Council (pictured above) that meets every two weeks. Most recently, the Council has been working on ways to make St. Luke’s more welcoming to new comers with a brochure that lets them know about the free appointments with a hairstylist, or practical information on how to run the washers and dryers.

A Town Hall meeting is held monthly providing the opportunity for St. Luke’s CEO Linda Hollis to brief Elders on any new information or upcoming events and to allow time for Elders to share any feedback or concerns they might have about daily life at St. Luke’s.