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St. Luke’s Home (SLH) Inc. is an Eden Alternative® Model Elder-centered community built on innovative models of health and wellness that ensure independence, aging with dignity, respect and self-empowerment for all. The Eden Alternative Model was developed by Geriatrician Dr. William Thomas. The model emphasizes community living, intergenerational relationships and beautiful surroundings. As an Eden Home, life at St. Luke’s centers on live plants, animals, children and young adults and offers abundant opportunities to grow and learn.

St. Luke’s Home is proud to be the only nonprofit official registry of the Eden Alternative Model in Arizona and the only Academic Eden Model assisted-living facility in the United States. The Eden Model is built on research on how to ease the three, too-common plagues of aging: loneliness, helplessness and boredom.

As an Eden Model Home, St. Luke’s challenges these plagues with partnerships and programs that bring people of all ages to St. Luke’s to interact with the Elders. The calming effects of natural beauty are also emphasized at St. Luke’s with abundant desert landscaping outside that includes large mesquite trees, agave and prickly pear cactus. Inside, large windows invite in ample light into the rooms and common areas where Elders eat, celebrate birthdays, join in sing-alongs, listen to educational presentations and watch movies amid brightly colored walls and  live plants and flowers.

In short, St. Luke’s is proud to be an Eden Model home where dignity, respect and self-empowerment for all Elders are woven into the fabric of daily lives.  http://www.edenalt.org/