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Hug Tunnel

By Marilyn Gustin, President

Elder Council Advisory Board

Among the many gifts that Elders at St Luke’s Home receive, the latest is the Hug Tunnel. What a treat for Elders who haven’t seen, much less hugged, loved ones for six months! I was honored to have the opportunity to talk with the many Elders who received a heartfelt hug from loved ones. I am glad to share some of the stories I heard.

“Feeling my grandson’s strong arms around me was completely wonderful—tears flowed. And you know I don’t cry.”

A couple of hours after her tunnel visit with her daughter, one Elder was still tearing up. “It brought so much joy! I hadn’t realized how much I missed hugging her. It brought light and gladness back into my heart.”     

Another Elder’s face lit up with delight. Usually taciturn, she exclaimed, “I liked it! It was so nourishing! It makes these days a bit easier now.”

“It was wonderful! It’s been so many months since I’ve hugged my son. I said to him while we were hugging, ‘This is what I’ve so been missing.’ And he said, ‘Me too, Mom, me too.’ It just filled me up with joy.”

“It was great! I wish everyone in the House could experience it—that’s how great it was! It was with my niece and nephew—I’m in phone touch all the time, but there’s nothing like presence and touch!”

“My dearest friend of nearly thirty years came and that hug was worth a million to us both. No words are quite enough to express our delight.”

So we all send a big “thank you” to staff for making it happen and to donors who made it possible.