Elders Pumping it at St. Luke’s for Healthier Lives

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A very special thanks to Susan, Michael, Tiffany, Case and Gretchen — St. Luke’s extraordinary volunteers who lead our Elders through a range of exercises for body and brain as part of  Stronger, Longer, St. Luke’s integrated approach to nutrition, exercise and mental development aimed at improving Elder health and well-being. As part of Stronger, Longer, Elders can choose from a range of exercise options offered five days a week. Monday Wellness with Susan (class pictured above) kicks off the week.

Yoga, Tai Chi, memory health, stretching and balance classes each week. An active lifestyle is especially important for Elder health and can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and reduce pain associated with arthritis. By improving balance, flexibility, endurance, and strength, St. Luke’s Elders stay healthier longer. In fact, guess how many of the Elders pictured above are in their 90’s?!

A special thanks to this great team of volunteers who are making a huge, healthy difference in our Elders’ lives!