Planned Giving

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You can create a bequest through your will or trust stating a specific amount or percentage of your estate or by changing the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, annuity or retirement account. There are many benefits to this decision including:

  • Control of your assets throughout life
  • Avoid estate taxes
  • Support the work you believe in and leave a legacy

Charitable Gift Annuity

By creating a charitable gift annuity, payments to you can begin immediately or be deferred to a later date at an increased size. This allows you also to:

  • Exchange low-yielding assets for a fixed lifetime income, partially tax exempt
  • Generate a current income tax deduction

Charitable Remainder Trust

Your year-to-year payments can be a set amount or vary with the performance of the trust. A flexible design allows for full payments immediately or, if preferred, payments may be deferred to a future time or event. Benefits of this which accrue to the donor include:

  • Lifetime income of a set amount or an amount with potential for growth
  • Avoidance of capital gains taxes when you sell appreciated assets (real estate, stocks, etc.)
  • Generation of a current income tax deduction

Life Estate In Your Residence

You transfer your residence to St. Luke’s Home, but continue to live in your home. If your situation changes, you can rent the property to others or exchange your life estate for cash or annuity. This allows you to retain the right to live in your home for life and enables you to generate a current income tax deduction

Endowment Gift

An endowment gift can be funded outright or by a multi-year pledge or designated remainder from a trust, annuity or estate. which will assure your philanthropic legacy lives forever. It also can fund long-term initiatives carrying family names through generations