2014 Annual Baile

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95th Baile Celbration

Founded in 1917, the St. Luke’s Board of Visitors has served St. Luke’s through volunteer service and fundraising. Since 1919, we have presented the Baile, Tucson’s oldest fundraising event. Traditionally the Baile has had a fiesta theme with guests wearing colorful attire amidst an atmosphere of joyful celebration.

This year, the Board of Visitors is presenting the 95th Baile Celebration on Saturday, April 12, 2014 at the historic Mountain Oyster Club. It will be a Western themed event that will honor all those who work hard to support St. Luke’s Home. We are proud that the Baile artist this year is well known southwestern artist, Santos Barbosa. His beautiful painting, Solitude, will be raffled at the Baile. Santos was our first Baile artist to donate a painting for raffle in 1986. Each year high school students who are friends or family of Board of Visitors members are invited to be Chicas and Chicos. They assist with the Baile as a community service and add to the Baile’s festive charm.


The Board of Visitors welcomes women interested in becoming members of our auxiliary. Please contact Lynne Van Sice at vansice@aol.com for information.