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The 96th Annual Baile Celebration was held on 11 April 2015 at the beautiful Mountain Oyster Club. The Board of Visitors extends a grateful thank you to the 175 attendees and those who supported the event in other ways. The net profit from the fundraiser for St. Luke’s Home was $123,261.00. The funds included donations through our Donor Gifts Solicitation, raffle ticket sales for this year’s painting, note cards and Wheel of Whine and Wine. Mr. Forrest Anderson was the winner of the magnificent painting, Catalina Radiance, generously donated by Tucson artist Tom Murray.

Plans for the 97th Baile are well underway. We are proud to announce that our event will again be held at the Mountain Oyster Club on 16 April 2016, 5:30 pm. Lawrence W. Lee has graciously accepted the invitation to be the 2016 Baile artist. His original painting, “Baile” is currently on display at Jane Hamilton Fine Art. In addition to his shamanistic works for which he is very well known, he continues to explore other subjects and forms. His paintings are found in collections throughout the world. We hope you will be able to join us at the event.

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Joy Abbott
Rosemary Adams
Florence Adamson
Larry R. & Florence A. Adamson Fund
Laura and John Almquist
Debbie Altschul
Debbie and Jeff Altschul
Esther Altschul
Shirley Ameling
Barbara Amos
Velta Anast
The Marilyn Anderson Trust/Marilyn and Roy Anderson
Barbara and Harry Ayer
Robbie Gries and David Bailey
Jackie Barker
Jackie and Emery Barker
Martha Barr
Gaeel Beaham
Betty Belk
Margo Belval
Margo and Ron Belval
Joanne Bennett
Joanne and Bill Bennett
Donna Bernard
Patricia Blomfield
Judy and Bob Bolt
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic F. Brace, Jr.
Laurel and Frank Brown
Karen Browning
Kathie Bryson
Burk, Hall & Co., L.L.C. – William Burk and Thomas Hall
Sylvia Burton
Peggy Cambridge
Ruth Campbell
Ruth and Sammy Campbell
Loomis Carleton
Loomis R. and Willard T. Carleton
Georgiann Carroll
Georgiann and John Carroll
Nancy Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Chagaris
Holly Clark
Holly Sakrison Clark and Reid Clark
The Jim Click Automotive Team
Cynthia Cobb
Cynthia and Robert Cobb
Debbie Collins
Debbie and Peter Collins
Carole Collins
Jackie Comey
Joan Creedon
Cathy and Bob Cuthbertson
Marcia and Dave Davenport
Merrily Davis
Merrily and George Davis
Bonnie Day
Susan Hurley DeConcini
Gilda Dick
Gilda and Ed Dick
Mary Ann and Darryl Dobras
Patty Doerr
Madeline Doyle
Betty Jo Drachman
Shirley Duncan
Shirley and Clarke Duncan
Bunny Edmonds
Donna and David Ellington
Anita and Brad Feder
Barbara J. Mills and T.J. Ferguson
Lynn and George Feulner
Judy Flynn
Judy and Rich Flynn
Mary Louise Foote
Shelly Little Gibbons
Carolyn and George Goebel
John K. and Aline L. Goodman Foundation
Judith and Willett Gorham
Mary Greene
Marsie Habib
Marsie and Michael Habib
Virginia Hair
Virginia and Lester Hair
Neel Hall
Ginger Hambly
Jean and Frank Hamilton
Amy Hammel
Amy and Dick Hammel
Ruth Hannley
Kathy Hard
Kathy and Michael Hard
Harlow Gardens – John M. Harlow and William Harlow
Patty Harpst
Robin and John “Skip” Harris
Beverly Heasley
Beverly Heasley and David Hopp
Pauline and Gene Heckler
Sally L. Heinlein
Diana Henderson
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Henderson
Jody Henkel
Becky Henne
Becky and Ross Henne
Freddy Hershberger
Dolores D. Hillenbrand
Carolyn Hoag
Carolyn and Jack Hoag
Judy Hunt
Judy and David Hunt
Mary L. Hutchison
Natalie R. Ireland
Eloise Jensen
Debby Johnson
Debby and Bob Johnson
Ann Johnson
Janna-Neen Jones
Clyde R. Kalahan
Virginia Kat
Keegan, Linscott & Kenon, P.C. – Carla J. Keegan
Margaret Kordsiemon
Susan W. Kornhaber
Pizza Hut of Arizona, Inc. – Phyllis and Brent Kyte
Barry & Janet Lang Philanthropic Fund
Sayre Lawrence
Betty Lou Lindamood
J. Wesley Little, Jr.
Francoise Loubet
Dr. Lorraine L. Mackstaller
Marshall Foundation
Mari Martin
Sandra Maxfield
Joni Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mayer
Joan McTarnahan
Meythaler Foundation – Bunny Meythaler Edmonds
Jane Mohler
Frances Moore
Madeleine Moore
Jeannie Mueller
Roseann Munger
Grace Murphy
Nancy Nagle
Nancy and Ray Nagle
Susan and Chuck Ott
Mary and Dave Parnell
Patricia Pettis
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pettis
DiAnn and Paul Plunkett
Debbie and Rich Poisel
Gwen and Dick Powell
Mary Helen Powers
Wyndham Pyre
Lois Ramsay
Elizabeth “Tao” Real
Jane Reedal
Ginny Reeves
Ginny and Don Reeves
Virginia Turner Rezetko
Jenny Richey
Susan Ring
Susan and Larry Ring
Jackie Ronstadt
Jackie and Peter Ronstadt
Pam and Randy Ryan
Dee Ann Sakrison
Dee Ann and Jim Sakrison
Barbara Salyer
Carol Sanders
Helen and John Schaefer
Patty Seese
Katherine Scoggin-Sobonya
Katherine Scoggin-Sobonya and Rich Sobonya
The Eliot Spalding Foundation
Christie and Craig Spencer in honor of the awesome women of the BOV
Vicki Stanton
Vicki and Allen Stanton
Brittany Starace
Eileen Starace
Eileen and Michael Starace
George Steele in memory of Margaret Steele and in honor of Eileen Starace and Brittany Starace
Patricia Stevenson
Laddie Stewart-Hall
Linda Stone
Linda and David Stone
Dorothy Sundt
Frances Sundt
Sue Sutterley
Lisa and Bob Swift
Mayra Tangella
Marlies and Howard Terpning
Margery Thompson
Danielle and Steve Thu
Pamela Shattuck Thyret in memory of Wanda B. Shattuck
Vel Tizzard
Lynne Van Sice
Lynne and Rob Van Sice
Patricia Van Voris
Anne S. Vance
Linda Wallace
Bonnie Warren
Diana Warren
Watson Chevrolet – Kathy and Karl Watson
Melissa Meythaler White
Sandra Witthoft
Amanda Wood
Andrey Yeatts
Vicky and Rick Zoerb
Elizabeth J. Zukoski