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St. Luke’s Home is going Intergenerational

The collaboration of St. Luke’s Home and Academy Adventures is beginning an Intergenerational program, starting in September, which involves the residents of St. Luke’s Home and selected children from the third, fourth and fifth grade classes from school. Both the school and St. Luke’s will be used as project locations.

Students and Elders will work collaboratively and take part in various activities. This provides students a chance to learn from their elders during various projects while the elders get to engage and as well as learn from the younger generations. The Elders and teachers will make final decisions about projects.

Video courtesy of KOLD News 13

Some project examples are:

1. St. Luke’s Home Elders will go to the school to mentor the third grade students through help with reading and language skills; fourth and fifth grade students will come to the Home for arts & crafts, games and shared experiences.

2. Children interviewing Elders about their childhood memories and traditions and then doing written reports on the interviews.

  • Interaction between the children and elders playing games, doing art projects, and writing.
  • Better understanding of the generations between the children and the elders throughout the course of the project;

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